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April 2009

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Me, Myself, and I...


      No matter where life takes you, always know I'll be here for you! When life gets you so down, always know you can count on me to pick you up! Know that when your hurt, I'll unhurt you! Don't frown, Just smile =D When no one is left to love you, just remember I'm still left and I do love you... even at your ugliest! When you feel you can go no farther... I'll give you my all and you'll be able to go further! I am making a promise to you for always... Don't hurt because someone hurt you.. hurt because you hurt someone! Don't hold your head down in shame hold it high when you know you are not to blame...  

Life isn't what we think it is when we're young; we're anxious to grow older. Now here I am 21 and wishing I was 12! What happened, what went wrong? How come you can love so much but never be loved so much! The man/woman that says s/he'll love you forever just says goodbye. What then? Whats left? Is it really fate? Is there even such a thing.. Who says life is already planned. Why are some blessed and not all? Why is it there always a "I'm better than you!" situation. How did we come to this, what is wrong with this world! Who's there to answer all these questions, cause I have yet to meet this person. I'm just hurting at this time in my life and I'm sure listening to these sappy hopeless romantic songs aren't helping much!

What is it to be truly happy, how will I know? Will true love really find me, or will it always be like this. Does everyone grow old and tired of each other? Where is my Prince Charming and why dont you show yourself! I'm just as scared as you are... but I'm here waiting, I promise!

~ I'd wait a lifetime